Women's History Month Panel: Come meet successful campus women

UHA's Academic Advisor, Professor Jessica dame Carroll will be on the Merritt College Women's History Month panel. on the panel a group of well known campus women who fill leadership roles and have had exemplary careers.


Doris Hankins _ director of student activities and campus life

Denise Richardson_ Vice President of Instructions

Jessica dame Carroll_ UHA Faculty advisor & Professor of Anatomy

Lilia Chavez_ Vice President of Student Services

Tauheeda Anderson_ Umoja/Sankofa Project Manager

Margie Rubio_ Student Services Specialist

Barbara Dimopoulos_ Education Department Professor

Isela Santana_ Merritt College Faculty Senator

come listen to their experiences and enjoy the stories of empowerment.

When? Wednesday March 24th 2:00-4:00 pm.

Where? Via Zoom. ID: 936 334 0316