Why I don't Grow my Beard Anymore

Having an Eastern European and Middle Eastern descent gave me great beard genetics. But it doesn’t seem to be that helpful currently. My bread grows so fast that in three days I can have a full beard that needs to be shaved again. It was amazing until the start of the current pandemic.

Taking classes and working from home seemed to make the perfect conditions of growing one’s beard. However, that wasn’t the case. According to Dr. Anthony M. Rossi, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology the problem with beard masking is that it allows for gaps between the mask and the both the nostrils and the mouth. Since COVID-19 virus is transmitted via droplets mainly, a mal-fitted mask allows more space for the virus to reach the mouth or the nose.

In the case someone has a heavy beard, it is almost impossible to have a mask fit that is sealed and secured. The conclusion in the medical field is that wearing a mask with a heavy beard raises one’s chances of contacting the virus.

As much as I want to grow my beard, I find it very convincing that a shaved beard is a lot safer and COVID resistant. So, I took the big decision: I am shaving my beard!


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