Breathing exercises & COVID

Breathing exercises are nothing new. From pneumonia patients getting spirometers to athletes learning breathing exercises to advance their performance under high stress environments.

Multiple randomized studies have proven that breathing exercises can and have helped multiple covid patients overcome their breathing difficulties. COVID-19 presents differently in different people; for individuals with COPD or asthma, the symptoms of COVID can even be more severe and permeant damage to the lung tissue can occur.

In a metanalysis and systematic review of 19 randomized studies proved that breathing techniques like pursed lips and other breathing exercises increase lung ventilation and reduce shortness of breath. Pursed lips technique is when one breathes through the nose and exhales with lips pursed as if inflating a balloon. This exercise gets more oxygen into the lungs and helps keep the airways open for a longer period of time. Other physical exercises that let the lungs increase their breathing rate and ventilation are also shown to be very helpful in recovery after a COVID infection. Aerobic exercises like running, swimming, soccer, or speed walking are all shown to help with better breathing patterns and recovery from COVID symptoms.

By: Amn Ghof


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