About US


It all started with Ron*, a community college student who transferred to the University of California, Berkeley and felt lost. Ron was in deep distress while his peers at the university were a lot more involved. There are those who immersed in research for a meaningful period of time; those who achieved significant involvement at the free clinic; others who had internships and leadership positions in organizations he has just got to know. Ron felt inadequate and unprepared. It was like no matter how much effort he puts into increasing involvement, he was behind. Although Ron was involved at the local hospital at the weekends and working for a medical office as a community college student, his experiences were not comparable and presented as insufficient.

Ron went back home and reflected. He said to himself, “if I had the same access to resources when in community college, I would have been a lot more involved than what I am today.” It is really the access to resources that was lacking.

Ron and colleagues who had similar experiences decided to help other community college students realize this phenomenon and knock on the doors of opportunity early on. they decided to start Unified Health Alliance. An organization that leads community college students interested in the health field find the right networks, right mentors and the appropriate professional profiles to solidify their involvement.

Unified Health Alliance started as an idea and came into fruition through the work of its co-founders and the support of the associated students of Merritt College and their faculty advisors.

*The name Ron is hypothetical. However, the person referenced in this text is one of UHA’s co-founders.

Unified Health Alliance is devoted to:

1. Unify community college pre-health undergraduates who aspire to have future health careers

2. Guide members to volunteer and involvement opportunities

3. Provide a motivational and professional atmosphere which matures and strengthens the character of members

4. Connect members to current health professionals and current health students